The Journey Till here


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


“In the diversified field of Business, we come across an innovation every hour and spate of new inventions make them antiquated with every passing day.”


It’s a dream, for almost every person out there in the world to reach the heights he has set for himself. Doing my master’s in the UK for a person like me is one of them. I come from a rather humble background and had long learned that there are no shortcuts to success. With my father working in the United Nations Organisation, my inclination towards international scenarios started in the early stages of life. His take on global economy has always influenced and intrigued me to learn about it more.

Moving forward to the professional front, I believe that knowledge is a treasure but practice is the key. After having gained experience in several corporations, as an entrepreneur, as an employee as well as an intern, I have evolved both professionally and personally. Studying a subject like design thinking for startups is shaping a way for future ahead. It’s my passion to have a startup of my own in my own country. Just like every other person’s dream, i too am longing to change the world for good. Learning about the increasing ‘connectedness’ of businesses, markets, people and information across countries has drawn my interest since the beginning and with an opportunity to have a business of my own is going to help me hone my skill set even further.

In addition to this, the diverse and welcoming culture of UK is helping me understand the world through different perspectives. Being a part of a team as a business is helping me develop better leadership and team work skills. The brainstorming ideas, the team meetings, getting to hear different business prospective from all across the world has enhanced the business thinking for everyone out here. With such aspirations and the will to succeed i am sure about the fact that I would be able to have this huge leap and become a successful entrepreneur at the end of the day.





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