Convergence in Entrepreneurship


“There is a convergence happening of content, technology, media and entrepreneurship.“
says Mr Anurag Batra, a serial Indian entrepreneur, media mogul, a journalist and an eternal optimist rolled into one. He is a first generation entrepreneur and after acquiring the iconic business media and magazine brand BW Businessworld, Mr. Batra has expanded BW Businessworld into digital, events and BW communities and has taken into its fold digital marketing.

And hence, just the right person to quote!
Entrepreneurship in India has changed in conjugation with the paradigm shift in communication practices in the light of the rapid digitization.
And so, ‘Today’ is the most conducive time to be a founder, to be an entrepreneur. Today there are accelerators; they are pitching boot camps and they are investing in boot camps. Today, the eco-system is developed and there are the angel investors. It is all about your skill set, passion, team, and idea. So, today entrepreneurship has really got very easy.

The role of social media is indispensable in running a successful business today. There are emerging some new media trends and compared to the old media.
So, the distribution between old and the new is bloody, because the old media is very strong in the branding and content. They are becoming new media, they are becoming digital. Today, New York Times does more video than a video platform. So, media has now become a play on brand and content. They are more tech platforms than media platforms. The dominance of Google and Facebook is challenging every media owner and especially what Google and Facebook are doing.

One big takeaway from the emerging entrepreneurs is that “Entrepreneurship is about building on failure. There is nothing called failure. An idea fails, a project fails, a product fails, a person never fails.”

To sum it up, the 3 step formula to survive as an entrepreneur in the times on conceptual convergence is:
1. Don’t be an MBA (Much Below Average), be a CEO (Chief Everything Officer). When you are an entrepreneur, don’t say I am a product guy, but tech guy/ sales guy; you have to be a Chief Everything Officer.
2. I believe that there are no solutions in life, there is no success; everything is a trade-off. So, you have to create this trade-off. If you want to succeed, you have to put your best foot forward.
3. Last but not the least, be curious in nature. If you are a lifelong learner, you will see things in a different way, and be an entrepreneur who visualizes and builds something unique.

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