Passion and Talents

People take up jobs and remain satisfied with it because they do not know their capabilities. You do something and then gain the confidence. Decisions are never right or wrong, it’s the outcome which may be either positive or negative. But you can’t sit on the fence, you have to weigh the pros and cons and make decisions in life. These essential qualities help in the makings of a good entrepreneur.

It’s very important to be driven by your passion for your interest. You should not be driven only by the monetary value, it comes and then goes; if you are successful it keeps increasing.


With an increase in competition around the world, people tend to run more after money than what they want to perceive in life. It’s like a blind race, a majority of people follow the same path as others without knowing what they want to achieve. People don’t have a long term goal set for themselves.


We see a lot of people influencing their kids to follow the same path they took, or take up streams which lead them to become a doctor, engineer, pilot etc but no one wants to know the talent or the passion the inherit within.  What if Angelina Jolie was a lawyer or David Beckham was an engineer. Most of the successful people around the world realized what they want in life and they followed the same path. The same way it is really important for one to know what they can achieve and where the want to be in times to come. Career counsellors make it much more convenient for the people who have a hard time realizing their talents and passions. Their reach should be broadened so that people could make the most of their life.


“ The road less travelled is the road of many difficulties but if we reach the destination, the benefits to reap will be infinite”

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