To tell a tale

Kinder Sachdev,Sukam Is a BSC graduate but he can take all the Best of engineers. An average student in school, he fell in love with physics late in life and turned it Into a profitable business. Today, he runs Su-kam , Rs.500 crore company in the field of power electronics. There are people who do well in school and go on to be become engineers. There are people who are bumble through and one day become inventors.

Kuwer Sachdev Is the guy who created physics, hated maths but today he breathes electronics and inverters. The Su-kam R&D centre Looks like an office designed for cubicle workers but it’s actually a land where the engineers invent , Just like Kunwer Himself. Although, he was quite short, boy looking fellow people couldn’t believe that he really is the MD of Rs.500 crore company! It wasn’t easy For him as he was brought up in Punjabi Bagh (Delhi), with people who were entrepreneurs, like small shopkeepers. His father always had partners but he had seen him suffering.


That thing was there in his mind, and so he did not have partners in his business. In school he used to run away from physics hate history. And today he can miss his dinner to read books on the subject he just can’t get enough and he says ,”he is a constant learner. His dreams were so big that even if he works for another 50 years , he says that still there will be more to do.In his mind he sees a day when countries will have tanks of Stored power , And 500 kW inverters Even today they use hundred year old distribution and transformer Designs. The 1600 employs strong Su-Kam Five factories more longer excites Kuwer Sachdev . The company now has a professional CEO, who takes care of day-to-day operations, so he can concentrate on the things he want to do. Inventing , Reinventing , dreaming of new possibilities always challenging and always charged up! Can Kuwer sense his thoughts? because there is Mischief in his eyes. “Ideas take time to get accepted. Don’t give up, the other way is to visualise , it doesn’t cost anything just the effort of sketching and putting down what you can see in your head ,” he said.

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