Zcashi, team and skills

Everyone in our module comes with a different and a unique skill-set. Luckily, our design thinking group, which is “Zcashi’’ has the group members from all the fields. The whole idea of a team in a project becomes messy at times, but if a team unites together, there is no possible better ending.
At first, we had quite a few issues with the communication and our product and everyone had their own set of ideas for it. The first product that we introduced in the class which was about a room key supported by a nfc band in a form of a ring got rejected. Everyone wanted their ideas to come on the table and it caused quite a lot of issues altogether and eventually after lot of discussions and repercussions we came up with our final product which was a student magazine in a digital form by the name of “Indian Londoner”. The entire idea of the product was to help all the Indian students studying in the UK to connect with each other. The way of earning profits was through advertisements. A couple of team members had issues with it as they thought this product requires a good amount of time in order to make some profits. The marketing support required for it was massive, and living in an era where paper industry is dying day by, the whole idea of a digital magazine seemed feasible but we were certain about the fact that we will not be able to make sufficient profits from it. With our hands tied, we had to go ahead with this project coming down to an expected outcome which was failure.
We were given a platform to promote our idea multiple times in college and in the market and we we ended up with a good comment on the product with everyone telling us that this sort of business requires time and a lot of effort. We all learnt a lesson that, a team never works if everyone is not on the same page. I believe, if adequate amounts of efforts were made by the team even to go ahead with this project, we would’ve received a much more positive outcome and remarks.

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