Nervousness begins. Mock Dragons Den..



Another day, another big presentation. We were given a chance to present our product in front of the judges coming from different fields to understand and guide our team in a better direction. Our group, Zcashi went ahead with the idea of promoting a student initiative magazine which seemed like a nice idea to be presented and we were hoping to get a positive outcome and a feedback on it. It was a 5 minute pitch followed by questions from the judges end.

A lot of preparations were done by our team and we still failed to present the product in the best possible way. Due to a little uncertainty about the idea by a couple of team members, the entire team suffered. If you don’t have an idea about your own product, it’s impossible to explain the gist of it to another and this is exactly where we lacked. Apart from that, we faced issues with confident speaking which added up to the list and the presentation did not go as we had expected it to be.

We had a clear pitch with a clear intention of keeping it simple for the judges to understand. Everyone in the team was nervous as it included the highest amount of module marks. Eventually, the judges did like our idea and helped us with our option of making the magazine into a digital form rather than having both physical and a digital copy of it.They also suggested a few marketing tips which would help the product in the future run. We were advised to take surveys in different colleges and just from Kingston to have a higher number of subscribers. We noted down the feedback well and got to work the day after. We realized if a good amount of effort is put on this product, we could end making it a successful one.
It was a nice experience as we got a chance to witness 11 other teams presenting their business ideas in front of everyone. We all got a lot of keypointers from each and every presentation we saw. It turned out to be a good and a productive day for all the teams who had taken part of it and it was amazing to see how everyone put loads of efforts in presenting their products.

Overall, the purpose of this mock dragons den was filled after the insights and recommendations made by the judges. We also, as a team, realized that we need to work hard and as a team for our future presentations and our final dragons den. We focused more on these pointers to make our product look more appealing and in order to gather a larger number of attentions.

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