The end of a journey


Finally, a good ride of lessons has come to an end. Design Thinking for Startups has been the most exciting module for the most of us. From team management to skills related to displaying a project, we fetched a great bit of knowledge. In a short span of 6-7 months, we ended up with a lot of ups and down as a team. I believe, we as a team could’ve worked on this project better than how it turned out to be but I’m sure we all learnt our lessons in the best possible way.
All of us gained a lot of experience while working in this project and I am certain about the fact that this knowledge and experience can be well put in our future endeavors. I, aspire to have a business of my own in the travel sector and after being a part of this module, I learnt how the team management works, how it is very important to have a failure on your back to learn from your mistakes, also how important it is to have a good business strategy. These are the most important factors which affect the business and while working on a project in this module we all realized that we were missing out on these which led to a failure of sales and expansion.
The exposure that I received from this module is extremely informative and helpful in the near future. I got a chance to meet students in this module from different cultures and countries which broadened my aspect about a lot of things related to business. The presentations during all the events and during our class sessions and in front of the judges instilled in me a lot of confidence.
A man learns only after making certain mistakes. It’s a quote which will help me move to my future endeavors. A lot of mistakes were made during this process of building a project to presenting it and I made a note of a lot of things which I need to keep in mind for all the future goals.
All in all, even though our team did not live up to the expectations of the judges or our teachers, I believe we all learnt a lot of things about us a person and being a part of a team. We all got a chance to have a business startup idea of our own to learn all these important aspects and I feel that a lot of mistakes helped me develop a good future project idea and I am sure that I will keep on making mistakes in the near future with a goal to not give up but only to learn from it.

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