Trade Fair at Kingston Business School



On the 4th of February, the design thinking module gave a chance to all the 12 teams from the module to bring out their product in front of the public to have a better reach. All teams took part in the event to gain some good insights on their product also to make sales.
We were all given a table to present our ideas and we all had our own set of stalls.

We had created a physical prototype of our magazine which we presented in front of everyone and we did our marketing through surveys taken by Indian students from our university. We went to all the different campuses for the survey to figure out if the product was really beneficial to the market. We were given a lot of positive reverts by different societies and different people.
As our product was a digital copy of a magazine, our product was not on sale like other teams. We had a subscriber list at our desk along with a lot of souvenirs connecting the UK and India together to get a gist of the idea. By the end of the entire event we spoke to about 50 people and ended up with more than 40 subscribers on our list.
A lesson that we learnt from this was that this magazine will only work in a digital form. Also, most of the people don’t rely on magazines to have a better idea of a city which gave us an idea to include blogs and student stories on our magazine and added more content to it. Another mistake that we made on that day was, that we kept the subscriber list on the table without keeping the GDPR issue in mind as it contained information of all the subscribers and their mobile number and email addresses which could have become an issue for us. This made us come to an idea of creating a google doc form which we used in our later trade fairs. We also made a digital slideshow of our product which kept on running throughout the trade fair and did gather some good amount of attention from the students and the people around.
All in all, it was a good learning experience for us all as we saw all the teams promoting their products using different types of techniques to draw people’s attention to their stall. We realized that a good marketing strategy is required for any product to succeed and decided to make better strategies to increase the flow of the magazine in the market. The judges reviews and recommendations also helped us develop a better strategy.

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